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Volunteering makes happy

Within the study of the topic, the 9. grade students made some posters appealing for volunteers. Here's the result of their work.
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Azores, again and again... and never fed up

  Azores, school trip 2021-2022            In April, we had a school trip to Azores, where we visited wonderful places and beautiful landscapes. One such example is this image. In this photo taken by me at "Lagoa das Sete Cidades" we can see a beautiful landscape. It's incredible to see how nature manages to create these landscapes without the need of any human intervenience, it's all so natural and so green. Before going to the Azores, we were told that the weather would be very unstable, but on the days we spent there the weather was always fine, as we can see in the picture.          When I look at this and other photographs I took in the Azores I only have good memories because those were incredible days, with incredible people, that I will hardly erase from my memory. This is one of those photographs that we look at and it gives us a good feeling because we have good memories of those moments.   Mariana Malagueta Nº22, 11ºA   Azores/ São Miguel Island -
 And it finally happened...              And finally it happened, we went to the Azores. There we could see the unique landscape of the Laurel forest of São Miguel. The Laurel forest exists only in a few places in the world and one of them is the Azores. We had the opportunity to see it, and we saw the beautiful, big and 'green' trees; the fresh grass and some fascinating plants that only exist in this type of forest.             When I think that future generations may not be able to see landscapes like this, I am quite disappointed with what our society is doing to the environment. In a few years we will start to lose habitats, landscapes and have very polluted waters, all of this due to the pollution that we are doing. We are destroying the environment. José Machado, nº19, 11ºA Cleanse your soul in São Miguel This photo was taken on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, in one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal places we visited, although all of them are unique and e
  Azores 2022 When we were in Ponta Delgada , we visited a lot of beautiful places. The island is so natural, so clean, it smells like flowers with the fresh air. When we were landing, we could see the green ground with black and white cows, it is a place where it rains a lot, but even being cloudy, we didn't get any rain. My favorite place to be was Poça Da Dona Beija . It is a place full of pools with very hot water. When I was there I remember seeing a lot of trees around it and we were just relaxing. The sky was blue and sunny, and it felt very peaceful to be there. The water was so hot that we could see the steam coming out ! It was so funny to be there with friends!  Inês Costa, nº14, 11ºA Azores… when again? This is one of my favourite places in Azores, São Miguel thermal pools. These thermal pools were surrounded by very deeply green vegetation, giving it a “fantasy touch”, in other words, although it was real it felt like we were on one of those very well edited pic
  Off to Azores and away from school On April 1st we went by bus to the airport, ready for a trip full of excitement to the Azores where we were going to get away from school and our problems. After several air trips and a bumpy landing, we were able to finally land on the island of São Miguel . Seen from above we can observe the different Volcanic calderas and a beautiful vegetation that covers the slopes.   In the Azores we visited different tourist spots but what impressed me most in a positive way were the Furnas , where we can take hot baths in hot springs that have therapeutic properties. On one of the Furnas we went we had several places to bathe where the temperature varies between 29 and 39 degrees. But the Furnas were not the only places that left me dazzled, the beauty of nature in the Azores also impressed me, because it contains a type of vegetation that I had never seen before, different species of plants that do not exist in Continental Portugal.               To concl
School trip to the Azores São Miguel ( Poça da Dona Beija and Terra Nostra Park ) On the first day in the Azores we set off to discover different places on the island, but what I liked the most was the visit to the Furnas . When we arrived at the village of Furnas , we got off the bus and started walking through the village until we arrived at the Poça da Dona Beija . There we were able to relax after all the frustrating plane trips we had been through. The waters were warm and rich in minerals that are good for the skin. There was also a strong smell of iron in the air because of the quantity of the minerals in the water. After being at Poça da Dona Beija , we went to Terra Nostra Park , which has a giant lake with hot water. Before going to the thermal pool we had lunch. The food tasted really good . After resting for a while we went to the pool. This time the water was brown, but still very warm. After a long time we got back on the bus and continued our visit through the land

Azores, forever in our hearts

The tropical characteristics of the Azores  Here in this brief text, I will describe the place where the most exotic and momentous monuments that we had the opportunity to know are situated, the Furnas of the Azores Islands. Firstly, the caves are hydrothermal vents, these are fissures in the crust through which fluids and gases such as sulfur emerge. For the first time, we were able to enter a hot spring, which was a very peculiar and good feeling. At first sight, we could see the gases liberate into the air, but the problem was the sulfur smell. The most fascinating for me were the stews they made there. They would put the hash into submerged holes with boiling water coming from the interior of the Earth and let it be there for 6 hours, after which it was ready to eat. I thought the caves were impressive because it was one of the only places where you could see water coming directly from the Earth's interior.   Afonso Paraíba, nº 1-11ºA Azores - The Dream Trip  IT FINALLY HAP

I do like English now

The surprises of life are the fuel to our actions and joy of living, no doubts about that. I was surprised two days ago while going to "Festival Islâmico de Mértola". We had just parked the car and started walking towards the Souk , when someone addressed me with these words: "Hello, teacher. It's me, remember?" - "Oh, what a surprise! I hardly knew you now. Maria, right? How's everything? Where are you going to school these days?" - "I'm studying Art, liceu de Beja. And I do like English now." - these last words fell on my mind like a moma bird landing on the birdies' nest with juicy worms, since the girl, who had been my student some years ago, was stubborn enough to spit it in my face that she wouldn't bother studying English because she didn't like it at all. So, one day I would call her at the end of the lesson and tell her: "You know, you are such a challenge to me... I'll make you like English, you'll s

Are we responsible for the Planet's destruction?

 Many things have been said about the Environment, and many more will be discussed. In this video we can take a glimpse at what we have been doing to our Planet, our home. Watch it and think it over.

As Minhas Miniaplicações

Talvez já tenhas reparado que, na barra lateral direita, clicando antes no ícon que tem três tracinhos, no canto superior direito, aparecem várias novas ferramentas, chamadas miniaplicações. Ao clicares em cada uma delas, serás direcionado para as páginas web de onde as mesmas foram retiradas, sejam elas vídeos, imagens, HTML/Javascript, etc. Experimenta, talvez não te arrependas! :)